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Anywhere [OLD] Voice Acting for Fan Film at The Exclamation Team

voice acting for fan film the exclamation team anywhere audio/music i know this is a place for mods and games, but concerning im making a movie within a game a.k.a machinima i thought this might be a good place to put an ad. the following ad is from a forum post i made: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ hello, my names erik baker and i was once long ago a machinima artist. i decided to quit making machinimas, because i diden't have the time to make 'em anymore. but after reading the elder scrolls novel, i just had to make one last machinima before i offically quit. so this is my last project im going to be working on, probably, who knows i might change my mind. -- but heres the basic plot of the book: (ripped of from wikipedia!) the infernal city takes places about 40 years after the events of the elder scrolls iv: oblivion and the elder scrolls iv: shivering isles. tamriel is a continent inhabited by many races and ruled by an imperial authority. a floating city known as umbriel is devastating tamriel. any person caught beneath umbriel dies and is resurrected as undead. -- so the machinima i'm making takes place in the prologue of the book, when a crew of a ship first see's the floating island appear. so for this machinima theres 3 characters that will need voices: iffech: khajiiti sea captain who is one of the first to be killed when umbriel appears. (male) (iffech has like 2 speeches, so hes the most lines of all)   keem: cathay-raht khajiit sailor who is killed when umbriel first appears. (male) (keem only has 2 lines) grayne: sailor from the south niben area, killed when umbriel first appears. (human female) (grayne has an avrage amount of lines) audition: so here are the auditoning lines for this machinima. (if you want an exampel of how a khajiit sound like heres a video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfhnrq_eodo&feature=player_embedded iffech -(shouting to keem) ''se anything keem?'' iffech - ''i'm not sure - i feel it, i don't think it. bunt don't you think, don't you feel like... (in the end of this line he gets interupted) -- keem only has two lines, so the ill post both for audition, the one that dose the voice best, makes it in the machinima! keem - ''screams from being tossed trough the kitchen'' keem - (keem shouts back to iffech) ''my own death, nearly.. -- nothing on the sea.'' -- grayne, the female character. grayne -(frightnend and suprised) ''by the gods, what can it be?'' *then grayne comes up, pissed and curious about the situation* grayne - ''stendarr! - what was that? - a tsunami?'' --

Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist for FPS Game at The Exclamation Team

concept artist for fps game the exclamation team anywhere artists hello! im curently working on a fps game, and i need a concept artist to make pictures for loading screens, box art and mabey some other stuff. this game is going to be sold so there for you will get paid, though im not able to pay you now, only after the game is sold! send me and email of your portfolio so i can se how skilled you are. thanks :d

Anywhere [OLD] Warcraft 3 Mod: Moddler, triggerer, voice actors! at The Exclamation Team

warcraft 3 mod: moddler, triggerer, voice actors! the exclamation team anywhere programmers hello! the exclamation team has been on a long vacation, but now we're back. we have been planning a big warcraft 3 project and we need moddlers, triggerers and voice actors. we will be doing the mapping so thats not needed. this mod that were creating is going to be a big rpg game, that is based on the book well of eternity from the war of the ancients trilogy written by richard a knaak. we need moddlers to create custom moddels for us. (5 spots open) we need triggerers because we arent really that good on triggering. (3 spots open) we need voice actors because there will be alot of dialogue in the game. theres no spot limmit. application: [moddlers] just send some screenshots of your previous work. [triggerers] just tell us how good you are, then we will make a test map where you will get to create some triggers to se if you are as good as you say. [voice actors] send us an email that you are intrested in voice acting, we will send you some lines so we can determine how good you are. if you have a voice demo, please send it to us.

Jun 10, 2009
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