Elijah Houck and Justin Hardin, the creators of Ethas: Embrace of Destiny, an experienced duo. In 2009, Elijah started development on Alton, IL, a huge mod for Fallout 3, taking players to his hometown in a world over twice the size of Point Lookout. Elijah would continue work on Alton for almost three years, finally releasing the mod on October 27th, 2011. Alton was (and currently still is) the largest mod for Fallout 3, and won File of the Month on Fallout3Nexus for the month of October. It wasn't only Elijah that brought Alton to the masses, however. Justin Hardin was essential to the project, creating amazing trailer and in-game music and sounds, brilliant voiceovers, meshes, textures, and even finally getting the GECK to generate LOD meshes for Alton (which is usually unheard of for such a large world). Before Alton was finished, Elijah and Justin had begun drafting early concepts on what would later become Ethas, a mod even more ambitious than Alton.

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Anywhere [OLD] World Builder/Level Designer at Ethas Development Team

world builder/level designer ethas development team anywhere level designers hey everybody, elijah houck here, co-creator and lead world/level designer for ethas: embrace of destiny (http://www.moddb.com/mods/ethas-embrace-of-destiny) and creator of alton, il. we're looking to add one more talented level designer to help us shape our current project, ethas. the mod spans the entirety of two countries, with a total playable area that is a tad larger than skyrim. we are an experienced team with most of us having large completed projects under our belt, and as such, we are looking for somebody that knows their stuff! what you'll be doing: * helping shape the world of ethas, a land made of many diverse environments * creating interesting and unique dungeons and various other interiors, including large, living towns * crafting narrative through exploration, using the land and the spaces below it to help tell a story it would be great if...: * you have experience designing exterior locations for large-world projects * you have created one or more well-crafted dungeons * you have plenty of experience in the creation kit or other bethesda editors * any other relevant skills (modeling, scripting, etc.) are not required, but would be a huge plus! we're a very laid back and fairly small (on purpose) team. as anyone on the team can tell you, justin (who is the other co-creator) and i don't bark out orders - we let the team have freedom to work on what they want. sure, we occasionally have deadlines if we want to show off a certain part of ethas by a certain date, but for the most part, it's up to you. we synchronize all of our material through dropbox, so if you have an account, that'd be great! if not, we'll help you get one set up and linked to our team folder. we also have an irc channel, and it is our main means of communication with the team.

Anywhere [OLD] 3d/Armor Modeler at Ethas Development Team

3d/armor modeler ethas development team anywhere artists the ethas team is looking for an armor modeler! we are currently in need of an experienced modeler able to model and texture armor assets for the mod ethas: embrace of destiny, for the elder scrolls v: skyrim, which can be viewed here; http://www.moddb.com/mods/ethas-embrace-of-destiny the art style/direction we're going for our armor is more of a medieval style, similar to a game of thrones/witcher 2 style and/or oblivion style. in other words, non-nordic armor with no fur. the medium which you use to create your armor is of no restriction, just as long as you're able to export to a usable format within 3ds max, such as .obj or .3ds edit; since moddb doesn't seem to make an indication of it (even though there's a check box for it), this is an unpaid job. if you're interested in working with us, let us know!

Jun 24, 2012
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