Enlightened Bunch Entertainment is a newly started indie group that aims at releasing its first commercial title.

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Anywhere, preferably in Europe. [OLD] Programmer for Shores of Iron at Enlightened Bunch Entertainment

programmer for shores of iron enlightened bunch entertainment anywhere, preferably in europe. programmers shores of iron is a upcoming mmog, profile can be found here; http://www.moddb.com/games/shores-of-iron main features: · completely dynamic forests, trees grow and forests expand, players can cut them down. · settlements/villages/towns/castles it is all up to the players/guilds to build this. · set in the medieval/industrial era, weapons, buildings and armor is made to fit the era in between the medieval and industrial times. · no levels! players effectiveness is driven by an wide range of skills. · no one is superman and massacres the game world! skills don't alter damage and hp that much, players are quite equal, so the difference lies in the players hand, not the amount of hp or armor he/she has. · dynamic weather system, day-night cycle. · realistic wildlife. · different kinds of clans for different purposes, eg. clans that specialize in bounty hunting and clans that build big castles and towns. · not a lot of monsters in-game, the main purpose is pvp, but there are hidden, mythic creatures in deep jungles and in the mountains. · villages/cities etc are 100% built by the players, no presets, and the cities can be controlled with laws and npc guards can be hired to guard the settlement and uphold the rules. · a advanced economic system where in/deflation exists. what we want from you: · you have to be good with c#, python, .net and knowledge of xna is a plus. · be creative, we want you to come up with ideas of how we can mak this game better. · possess a passion for gaming and game design. · no previous experience in game design is needed, we welcome new people as well. your role will be to: · modify the network code to fit an mmo. · create a smart ai · create a guild managment system. · and alot more... enlightened bunch entertainment

Mar 18, 2010
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