Founded in 1982 by Trip Hawkins, EA was a pioneer in the early games industry and was notable for promoting the designers and programmers responsible for their games. For the first few years, EA was just a publisher and didn't expand to development until the late 80s and started supporting consoles in the 90s. They also began to acquire successful developers and in the early 2000s became the worlds largest third party publisher. They recorded a net revenue of US$3.129 for FY2005.

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3 years ago Released 2006 Commercial Licence

Built to create the amazing faithful adaption of Godfather onto PC. Following the release of The Godfather: The Game in 2006, a component of the development...

SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine)

SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine)

5 months ago Released 2001 Proprietary Licence

The SAGE engine is a game engine used by Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts for real-time strategy games.

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4 months ago Released 1996 Platformer

You have been locked in a prison where illegal genetic experiments have been going on. The scientist figure out how to genetically make anyone go into...

Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns

2 years ago Released 2011 Adventure

Eleven years ago a horrific fire took Alice's family from her and left her mind horrifically scarred. Afterwards she was confined to Rutledge Asylum...

Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri

4 years ago Released 1999 Turn Based Strategy

Explore the alien planet that is your new home and uncover its myriad mysteries. Discover over 75 extraordinary technologies. Build over 60 base upgrades...

American McGee's Alice

American McGee's Alice

3 months ago Released 2000 Adventure

Step into the dark world of American McGee's twisted retelling of Alice in Wonderland.

Armies of Exigo

Armies of Exigo

5 years ago Released 2004 Real Time Strategy

Worlds collide in Armies of Exigo, a fantasy real-time strategy (RTS) game where the boundaries of the battlefield are broken and war is waged both above...

Army of Two

Army of Two

2 years ago Released 2008 Third Person Shooter

When One Man Is Not Enough? It will take an Army of Two to stop the corruption of rogue private military corporations. Fight along side your team-mate...

Army of Two: The 40th Day

Army of Two: The 40th Day

2 years ago Released 2010 Third Person Shooter

When a man-made disaster of epic proportions strikes Shanghai, China, Rios and Salem find themselves right in the middle of it all. Fortunately for you...

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

2 years ago Released Mar 26, 2013 Third Person Shooter

You and your partner must shoot and destroy anything in your path to take down a violent drug cartel that’s taken over Mexico. In gripping partner-based...

Battle for Middle-earth

Battle for Middle-earth

7 months ago Released 2004 Real Time Strategy

Using the Lord Of The Rings movie license, The Battle for Middle-earth is a Real-Time Strategy game based upon both the renown literary works of J.R.R...

Battle for Middle-earth II

Battle for Middle-earth II

1 year ago Released 2006 Real Time Strategy

Wage war in the North and assume command of the most storied civilizations in all of Middle-earth history - the Elven and Dwarven armies - or fight on...

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TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 10 2012 says:

I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but you know what? Yelling at a company is not going to do much when they clearly don't care that much for listening to the yelling, so I'm going to do something different:

Thank you EA, for not including an online code in Syndicate. Based on it and the generous demo, I intend to be getting the game ASAP, even if it costs 60 bucks (it'll be the first 60 buck game I've bought in roughly 2 years, the rest of the games I get are usually 30 or less). Also, I am going to be looking into the new RPG from Big Huge games (who's main title I can never spell right). Also, I appreciate the fact you actually have your developers optimize for PC (hence why I've been able to enjoy the Dead Space and Mass Effect series without a console).

This does not mean that I don't find your company without fault but if any of your employees actually checks this, know that I applaud the lengthy demos and PC optimization.

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clockwork9 Feb 13 2012 replied:

if we didn't speak our mind on topics like this, what do you thing that would help? The consumers of the companies should tell them what is on our mind. Or would you prefer that companies make products we don't want. If they don't care about what we have to say, then shame on them. I'm still going to say my piece.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Stubbornpony Jun 4 2012 replied:

let me tell ya something, they're already doing it only minding there own money.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GOD_MAN May 8 2012 replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 19 2012 replied:

Speaking your mind is -one- thing. Expressing dislike in something is reasonable. But 1. you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, 2. treat others as you would yourself, 3. getting to the heart of the problem rather than just raging is more likely to get something done.

I've found both things I like and hate in the ME3 demo, but am I supposed to only say about the things I hate?

+2 votes     reply to comment
clockwork9 Feb 6 2012 says:

EA is the most well known and most hated company in gaming. EA games sucks the life out of our favorite game companies and tears them apart. Then thay take their accomplishments and destroy it! Westwood studios was doing just fine under EA and there would be less people attacking them if they could play nice with others. But EA "liquidates" any company that has ideas they like and TEARS it from them in a "legal aggrement" that they dictate.

+7 votes     reply to comment Jan 13 2012 says:

EQ9M-TYYT-TXR3-5GU3 Battlefield heroes 300BF code (expire 17.01.2012)

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheNewAgeGamer Jan 3 2012 says:

Hello it appears there is this person called orangenero. He has been making a mod for a really good game but has become stuck because he cannot make new units. There is a lot of attention being put on his Orange Touch Up Mod and he and I would highly appreciate it if you could help out the community and contact him with regards to the mod and maybe give him advise.

Contact him here:
Mod Here:

PS: EA you did a lot of work to help C&C... I am sure if orange had you guys he would cry with joy.

-4 votes     reply to comment
abcd5799 Apr 19 2012 replied:

Boo!!! EA totally destroyed Command and Conquer. Bring Westwood back!!! (If you go on Youtube and search the C&C music from Westwood you'll know what I'm talking about)

0 votes     reply to comment
hairbrain Dec 29 2011 says:

As far as I'm concerned "Battlefield2" is the best game going. Almost unlimited downloads of "Maps" and "Mods". Keep up the good work "EA".

-3 votes     reply to comment
Muntaqim_313 Jul 4 2014 replied:

At the time of BF2's development, EA had not acquired DICE yet. They were just the publisher. Nothing more.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bubbleteatroopa Dec 23 2011 says:

EA is probably the worst corporation in video gaming ever. EA you suck, and your Origin sucks aswell. And, where the hell is the mod tools for Battlefield? Oh right, they were "too hard" to make. ********! EA just didnt want to spend the money to have them done, and only want players to buy the ******, overpriced DLC's they come up with to expand the pockets of EA even more, despite you paying $59.99 for the game at launch.

And where the hell is the commander mode in BF3? BF3=Bad Company 3.

+3 votes     reply to comment
gadalf2 Nov 2 2011 says:


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111222zzzxxx Oct 21 2011 says:

I know why EA - ****! EA don't creating games for Linux!

+5 votes     reply to comment
Cirmisekiz Nov 14 2011 replied:

Why should they?

-3 votes     reply to comment
Ferdziu Feb 6 2012 replied:

because u stupid, thats why

+2 votes     reply to comment
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