Eclipse Games is a small yet talented independent developer with a serious ambition: making fun games people enjoy playing. That's what we're all about. It is formed of industry veteran(s) that do this as a hobby. We enjoy creating games as much as we enjoy playing them, that's why even in our spare time we like to work on small fun projects that appeal to us for one reason or another. We use these projects either as a learning experience or to do something we're unable to do in our day to day jobs... or both. We're particularly interested in some classic games that we believe are still fun to play and could have a place along with modern games, but that doesn't mean that's the only thing we do. We are driven by passion so we end up doing whatever 'floats our boat' ;o).

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Super Toy Cars Announced
Super Toy Cars

Super Toy Cars Announced

Super Toy Cars 0 comments

Eclipse Games is proud to announce that Super Toy Cars is currently under development! Admittedly it's not that much of an event, but we're really proud...

LightFish Released on Desura

LightFish Released on Desura

LightFish 0 comments

Immerse yourself in a colourful world full of beautiful yet deadly sea creatures with unique features and an original soundtrack.

Toy Cars is a blast!
Toy Cars

Toy Cars is a blast!

Toy Cars 11 comments

Relive the glory days of Micromachines tabletop racing in this easy to play but hard to master fun car game.

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