A group of beginners trying to develop a few paradox based fan factions ,all credits of paradox belong to infinityrealms & the developers

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PsychoticLoner Apr 2 2011 says:

Hey, guys, I've been meaning to ask you, and please don't take this the wrong way: how serious are you about modding things? Is this all just for fun and daydreaming, or are you actually trying to crank out factions and units?

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gamer145 Creator
gamer145 Apr 16 2011 replied:

also we have been having trouble with people like...
like me
i never talk with anyone, i'm not really able to code and have no idea where to start so i have gone over to coding with flash, i'm not really part of the community and except that i helped gears create the first ideas of the mod and giving him a poke in the direction of making a group, i haven't done much.
to be honest, when gears started talking about it with me some more again like 3 weeks ago, i suddenly remembered "oh yeah... that mod!".
luckily i am the only one not really helping right now, which is because i hate rts games and after playing it twice i kinda lost interest in RA3 altogether.
so now officially guys: if you ever need me, just give a call and i will help, but it won't be with coding, modeling, texturing or anything else of sorts, i can only really help with ideas or opinions.
but then again, everybody wasn't really counting on me anyways, since i know only 1 faction out of all of these we made, and i don't even know any of the units in it. also i never keep up with the wiki because if gears would tell me everything you guys thought of i would be spending the rest of the year sitting in his room listening

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Phoenix^^ Creator
Phoenix^^ Apr 7 2011 replied:

PsychoticLoner not that I see any point in you posting that cause we don't have a mod yet just a wiki for any fan factions.

We are hoping to get to a point were we can mod units in game were having a lot of problem mainly because there is no 100% agreed leader by everyone. the another cause of trouble would be astral's models which are over kill in detail and how hard it to find him because of time zones. finaly unwrapping is very hard.

when i had had free time i tried to move the project forward but im in the last 2 months of my GCSE's so i have been missing alot also kamuik has be gone for a bit to.

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ProudAmerikan Apr 3 2011 replied:

Well, PL, in all honesty I think I can say that - yes, we are serious. However, despite our seriousness, we're still very, very early in the development stage.

Most of us are relative newcomers to molding, either starting out with or with a basic grasp of one or two areas. So far, we've got one dedicated modeler (who definitely has a lot of models), but only a light scattering of people who can code and texture.

Currently, the biggest hangup is in texture and animation - Zombolt is our best texturer, but for whatever reason he's been having errors while unwrapping. However, that right now is the only major impediment - if we can get past that, then coders can start attempting to work on the model, and putting it in game.

We can try to answer any more of your questions given more detail, but that's a brief answer. It's also the reason this group is still private - we're not going to open anything up, i daresay, until we actually have something to offer people.

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PsychoticLoner Apr 3 2011 replied:

I can respect that, actually.

If you are serious, did you read the "Starting a project, and not letting the project die" tutorials by NinjaDave? He put up all his mistakes in starting a mod for all to see so others could avoid it!

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ProudAmerikan Apr 3 2011 replied:

I did, actually, though until now never saw the second part. Although I am not the leader of the team, I've taken the advice within it with me.

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GearsGoAwryMan Creator
GearsGoAwryMan Apr 11 2011 replied:

i read all the stuff regarding R A 3 modding in preparations, including that guide by ninjadave. the biggest obstacle is not only the UVW unwrapping part, but also the very vague process of animating and rigging.

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TotallySnappy Apr 13 2011 replied:

unwrapping wouldnt be a massive obstacle if the models you lot posted weren't so complex

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GearsGoAwryMan Creator
GearsGoAwryMan Apr 13 2011 replied:

yes, it would.

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ProudAmerikan Mar 28 2011 says:

Watcha mean?

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Phoenix^^ Creator
Phoenix^^ Mar 29 2011 replied:

his model have a mad poly count or something like that i think the malice by its self has more than a apoc tank

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Phoenix^^ Creator
Phoenix^^ Mar 24 2011 says:

to bad there to good -.-'

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IFork Mar 21 2011 says:

Wow, these are actually pretty good

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gamer145 Creator
gamer145 Feb 6 2011 says:

congratulations on gears getting a brand new comp and being able to install RA3 on it, now he'll be around a lot more to play ;D

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