We are the developers of the Company of Heroes modification:
Company of Heroes: Eastern Front.

We have made many breakthroughs and discoveries in the modding of Company of Heroes, with Custom weapons, custom tanks, custom AT guns, custom infantry equipment etc.
All fully working and animated.

We are a large team with members from Europe, America and the UK, with the largest percentage of our team being either British or German.

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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

4 months ago Released 2010 Real Time Strategy

Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded...

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wyatt321 Apr 28 2012 says:

the trees are invisable so are the defences like sand bags and stuff

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Walki May 8 2012 replied:

What are your PC specifications?

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SamirA29 Apr 20 2012 says:

My Eastern Front launcher refuses to work after downloading the last patch. I updated yesterday and it ran fine, but it is not letting me start up today.

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Walki Apr 24 2012 replied:

Could you be a little more accurate? Are you able to start the launcher? What happens if you press "play".

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toll54 Mar 29 2012 says:

I keep encountering a problem when launching EF. It keeps saying it cant find the Company of Heroes Directory. What should i do?

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Walki Apr 4 2012 replied:

Check this:

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mustachewarfare Feb 7 2012 says:

Hello, just a quick question. For Eastern front mod launcher, what does log in is supposed to be? I have stopped playing Eastern front for couple months and when i updated it to new version, I was wondering what that was supposed to mean.

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Walki Feb 7 2012 replied:

It's a chat. Use your forum account details to log into it!

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DaReaperZ Dec 26 2011 says:

There is a great need of balancing in this mod.

First off, you need to keep the AT-guns of the naval infantry at the same damage and rate of fire as the other AT options.

Also you really need to nerf the tanks of the Soviet, a T-34/76 (or 85) can easily bounce a 88mm shot from a Tiger and they take almost no damage at all from the Marder III tank hunter. The tanks are really easy to get and cost few resources, so they need to be nerfed. The IS-2 is just ridiculous, it can take double the damage than a Tiger or Pershing and cannot be penetrated from the front by any gun except the static 88mm. It can easily beat a Panther or Sherman with its side exposed. The damage of all the guns on those tanks is incredible, much more damage than their so called equivalents. SU-85 also bounces 88mm shots and can take a lot of punishment even though it is supposed to be fairly weak in armour.

The Molotovs or incendiary grenades also need a hefty nerf seeing as they can hurt tanks like the Panzer IV. Both T-70 and T-90 are supposed to be light tanks but they can still take very heavy damage (about two rounds from an artillery piece, Priest or Hummel, direct hits). The command squads are way too easy to get early on and they are equal, if not better, than rangers, paratroopers and knights cross holders.

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commieturtle Feb 12 2012 replied:

See now I get the completely opposite problem. I can't even get to soviet medium tanks in a match with normal AI on my side and two normal Wehrmacht AI on the other.

They always end up with a dozen panzer IVs and Stugs when all I can manage to muster is a few infantry squads and light tanks. I don't see a reason for having to research heavy and light tank support in the tank factory thing. It's like double the resources it takes for Americans to get tanks.

That and the flamethrower that the Wehrmacht can get so easily is so ridiculously overpowered that a single 2 man engie squad can annihilate two strelky squads.

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AwayPeskyFlies Jan 22 2012 replied:

Yo normal coh damage system is garbage, thats sorta supposed to happen

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fokkeschreder Jan 9 2012 replied:

thats why soviet won :)

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carnakt Jan 13 2012 replied:

LoL =) If they had that kind of power during the war then they would have won the war single-handedly and taken the rest of the world within a few years.

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BurroDiablo Dec 28 2011 replied:

Take it up with the balance team over at the forums


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