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Anywhere [OLD] Korean & Japanese Translators at Archaic Entertainment

korean & japanese translators archaic entertainment anywhere web/other the eastern front team is now working to finish ostheer, but there is a lot of things to do and we have a very small staff. we're looking for new talented members who can help us to translate eastern front into korean and japanese. requirements: * high knowledge of english language, the base language than all the locales are based upon. * being capable of understanding the language intended to translate. we don't want lazy translators or people than barely know the language and use translation tools to finish the job. * being a responsible person, we don't want someone who only visit us once every blue moon to see how things are going, we need someone who can help us properly. * being a respectful person, no one likes douches and in order to work as part of the team, respect is very important.

Sep 10, 2009
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