An Indie games company based in Scotland. Currently working on a fps horror game called Recollection.

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Anywhere [OLD] Programmer at E5Interactive

programmer e5interactive anywhere programmers e5interactive are in need of a programmer for our current project 'recollection'. no experience is required. must know how to use unity, and be able to produce a small sample game. all models will be provided. you will have to write scripts. you will also have to create maps. the project is a first person shooter game. the engine used will be unity.

Anywhere [OLD] Map Designer at E5Interactive

map designer e5interactive anywhere level designers we are looking to make a crucial addition to our team, a map designer. the map will be created in unity. you must have a knowledge of the majority of unity's tools. the map will be a huge island. it must be realistic, in the style of tomb raider(2013), and must contain many different biomes. the map must be textured realistically, with high resolution textures.

May 15, 2013
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