Dieno Studios is one of the many great game development companies around.we develop games for all of the family and because we are a developer and publisher we are able to help indie teams persue there goals in game development. Thanks, Dieno Studios

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Anywhere [OLD] Recruiting people for Sub-Section at Dieno Studios

recruiting people for sub-section dieno studios anywhere web/other who is dieno studios? dieno studios started early 2012, around about march. since then we have been working on a game called sub-section: the recruit, we have been thinking of ways to make the game an all round awesome fpts (first person tactical shooter). we are about to start development on the game as soon as we have a team ready to go. we are looking for people who are dedicated and share the same interest in making games. what is sub-section? sub-section is a modern combat which is about the afghan war. singleplayer: in singleplayer, the player is a part of a unit called sub-section. it starts off in the middle of the afghan war. it’s not long after that when usa finds out that the russians are supplying the afghan military with guns and missiles. this starts a national crisis which is on the line of another nuclear war. what are we looking for? level designer knowledge of udk must know kismet, matinee and a basic knowledge of cascade must know there way around the user interface must be able to work well with scaling animator must know how to rig and animate characters and objects must know how to make high quality animations with all shapes and sizes knowledge of udk and animtrees cascade/special fx artist must know the udk cascade editor must know how to create xf for objects and models conceptual artist able to create unique and good quality concept art must be able to easily adapt to the scene and capture the atmosphere character artist must be able to easily create both low poly and high poly character models ability to work from concept art rigging and animation skill would be a plus ability to optimize and texture quality character models around the needs of the team weapon artist must be able to create high and low poly weapons must be able to create high quality textures must know how to use bones web team must know html, css, php and javascript, actionscript would be a plus must have good grammar and punctuation programmer must have a high knowledge in unreal script, c++ and other languages would be a bonus must be able to work with others when needed to contact us email: dienostudios@gmail.com

Sep 28, 2012
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