basically we are a company that have a strong community in mod tools and game engines. We will not be paying you until we have a strong enough game engine and employees to make a amazing game that would have a number one on moty. To apply you must email me your gaming experience and what age you are. Also if you are bad at making games I would give you a easy job.

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Anywhere, preferred United Kingdom [OLD] 2D modeler with experience in Raycasting Game Maker at diamond developers

2d modeler with experience in raycasting game maker diamond developers anywhere, preferred united kingdom artists all you have to do is just remodel some of the sprites and enemies in my game called the hippy gang. first of all you must send me your experience and a bit of what you can do at if you do not get the job then still i will assign you a job. include your experience, age and also your experience with the game engine. also include some of your work.

Anywhere, preferred United Kingdom [OLD] Web page maker at diamond developers

web page maker diamond developers anywhere, preferred united kingdom programmers basically i want someone to make me a webpage for diamond developers. i want to be able to put images and videos on it. also put a game section. you will be mentioned in the webpage so make a member page.

Anywhere, preferred United Kingdom [OLD] Trailer maker at diamond developers

trailer maker diamond developers anywhere, preferred united kingdom marketing sorry if you want to be employed but this certain position is taken right now. look on the bright side, you didnt get paid anyway. if you still really want to be part of diamond developers though juat go on my other job advertisments. sorry for any inconvenience this has caused smileyman00 from diamond developers

Dec 14, 2012
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