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Anywhere [OLD] voice actor at dez0wave

voice actor dez0wave anywhere audio/music we are looking for fresh members for creating voiceovers for npc-s, and tasks. mostly what we need is someone who has good voice which would fit tp 30+ yeras old soldiers, and random stalkers in the game. if you are smoking, its maybe even better, but we don't think its necessary to record cool things. skills needed: - be at least 20 - 22 years old, but the older, the better! (if you are younger, and you sure about your cool voice, make a preview, and send it to us) - experience in dubbing - be able to record in good quality - good voice for imitating mature people - using recording programs, adding various effects such as filters to make it cb-radio style ...etc if you can add the effects to the voices it's good, but we can do it too, so it's not a required skill to work with audio files. compensation: the final product will be free, so there won't be any profit from it, hence what we do is just for passion. thanks for your understanding!

Aug 22, 2008
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