Throughout several years flying under the alias of 'Hypergames2k8', we have dedicated ourselves to the design and development of mods and games. Our team is comprised of dedicated developers who's number one goal is to create gripping content for mods, and sturdy stand-alone titles for your PC, as well as your mobile devices.

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Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Programmer Wanted at DeltaStrium

programmer wanted deltastrium anywhere programmers job description this is an opportunity to join deltastrium on our current project for android and pc as a programmer to work alongside the lead programmer on aspects of the coding process. applicants must have a passion for games or strong desire to make games of high quality. job requirements •experience in opengl, opengles is a plus •experience working with glsl and doing shaders •strong knowledge of java programming •strong collections framework knowledge •follow good coding standards •lwjgl or jogl experience would be a plus •experience doing opengles applications for android os •must have knowledge in multiple programming languages xna or directx in c# or c/c++ •iphone knowledge a bonus but not essential all applicants must be able to provide a portfolio and examples of coding skills.

Aug 2, 2008
Must apply to join
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