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Dark Design Media's first project was a point-and-click adventure game called Battle World RPG.
Using the RPG Maker XP engine, Battle World RPG was brought up to a fully interactive, 2D RPG. Two versions of Battle World RPG were created with the engine.
Battle World RPG was rewritten entirely once the RPG Maker VX engine was released.
The name Dark Design was chosen for the group.

What we do

We create digital graphics, RPG games, videos, hand-drawn drawings.


We are infact looking for new people to help with our main project, Battle World RPG. Please see the Battle World RPG website for more information.


Dark Design Website

Add engine Engines
XI Cast Engine

XI Cast Engine

Commercial licence

The XI Cast engine, coupled with the Rival Game Creator, is a modern ray-casting engine that is designed to help those who wish to create 3D shooter games...

Add mod Mods
Sniper Elite V2 Character Mod DARKMED
Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 Character Mod DARKMED

Tactical Shooter

Sniper Elite V2 Character Mod DARKMED Game Version Steam 1.13 Multiplayer Zombie Mod

Marathon World
Marathon 2: Durandal

Marathon World

First Person Shooter

Marathon World highlights the Marathon multiplayer experience and balances the maps and weaponry to bring it to par with modern-day multiplayer FPS titles...

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