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Anywhere (Australia Preferred) [OLD] Coders, Animators, conceptors, Modelers needed for Dead Land UNITY GAME ENGINE at D34D G4M1NG

coders, animators, conceptors, modelers needed for dead land unity game engine d34d g4m1ng anywhere (australia preferred) programmers hello guys and girls. my names is jaidyn catton (call me jd) and i am looking for a development team that comprises of: at least 4 programmers (though 2 will do) 2-6 3d modelers 2-4 concept artists 1-3 level designers 1-4 musicians and 2 or more animators/riggers all able to work with unity, blender and sketch-up (this is just a short list of programs) yours sincerely jaidyn 'jd' catton

Anywhere (Australia Preferred) [OLD] Programmers Needed at D34D G4M1NG

programmers needed d34d g4m1ng anywhere (australia preferred) programmers hey guy or girl its jd again. i need two or more programmers or coders for my unity game dead land here is a brief list of what is needed: user interfaces swimming scripts zombie ai survivor ai parkour movement scripts (maybe) procedural city generation script weather scripts weapon scripts vehicle scripts crafting system and probably more that i haven't mentioned its a big job and will require some amount of dedication

Anywhere (Australia Preferred) [OLD] 2 AI Programmers Needed at D34D G4M1NG

2 ai programmers needed d34d g4m1ng anywhere (australia preferred) programmers hi guy or girl, its jd from d34d g4m1ng and i'm looking for 2 or more brilliant people to code zombie, survivor ect ai's for dead land. if your interested contact me on: email: reddeadredemption@live.com.au email: jdc499@gmail.com facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaidyn.catton skype facebook:reddeadredemption yours sincerely jd

Nov 10, 2013
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