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USA [OLD] Animator-Rigger (PAID) at Cronix Games

animator-rigger (paid) cronix games usa artists work for cronix games on the game, nav1! a tps/mmrpg/scifi adventure/shooter! become involved on the conspiracy of the origin of life! needing person(s) to animate nav1 game assets from blender and to be only saved as blender when finished. skills || * = required || *must have 1+ year of experience. *must present a very recent portfolio from a site(video, etc.). *must have some sort of team experience. *must know how to apply rigs to objects (i.e. arms, bodies, vehicles) and properly animate them. payment *must be willing to receive payment every task that's completed of ($10.00 u.s.d.) - this includes a list of tasks as one task (e.x. 1. punch animation, 2. kick animation, etc.) payments are distributed through paypal only!! thank you for your patience! and good luck to all! have any questions? e-mail me! i will not give out your e-mail, don't worry!

Aug 12, 2011
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