CoreDev games is currently a group of 7 very talented individuals all over the globe. We all enjoy gaming and want to express ourselves through our games and show you what we are really made of. We are not a full time "company" we are just hobbyist game developers who hope to one day take this up as a job. Thank you for your time, more to this page is coming! <3 CoreDev Team

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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Who we are?

CoreDev games currently consists of 8 talented members. We work quickly and efficiently and are in contact with each other every day. We are worldwide, we are hobbyist game developers and heavy game players.

Please do remember that this is NOT all of it, nor is all of it on our IndieDB page
Our game so far :

What we Need
We at CoreDev games are in need of a talented 2D artist/Concepter who can make high quality character, weapon, armor and location concept artwork for the game. You will also be needed to design a large majority of the GUI including a sleek, easy to use inventory GUI, crafting GUI and other various 2D related images. If you want to see your work come to life in a large scale Medieval Fantasy RPG, we are the team for you.


Active. You must be active on our Skype team chats at least 3 times a week, if you are not online for 2 weeks (without reason) you will be let go.

Committed. We want this to make us and you some money, the harder you work, the more likely we get paid.- Hardworking. You have to submit pieces or previews of work at least twice a week.

Quality. You have to provide quality work, otherwise we will turn it down.

What you can expect from us?
Experience. The number one reason we are doing this is in order to build our portfolio's and experience, we seek to help with that.

Friendship. We are all a bunch of nice guys who will chillax from time to time with you.

Potential Profit. This term is thrown around quite a bit and the whole "royalty" share idea is looked down on, but if we were to ever make any profit, you would get a fair cut.

Thank you for your interest, please PM me here, or email me( ) with:

Name, Age, Location, Portfolio , and why you are interested in our project.

Outside of work we are a bunch nice guys, who just like to play games with each other, it is not always full on work, we are here to learn above all else and become tight nit friends.Also, hopefully late this year we will be putting up a Kickstarter campaign for this project to pay for all licences and to earn us a little on the side.

Myhijim (Coder/Advertisement/Team Leader)

Note : There is a lot of work to be done, we need inventory GUI to replace the placeholders.

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