Complex Games has been building games for other companies for over 15 years, but now we’re trying to make really interesting new things we think folks will really want to play. In the past we developed top-selling, award-winning mobile games for some of the world’s largest entertainment brands. Currently developing #ShipOutofLuck 🚀a funkadelic story-driven action rpg for PC.

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When Navi punches it she *really* punches it. 👊 #shipoutofluck

12hours ago

🔧 Ship Repair Log (Grapple Hook) 2445.204.0200 Day 4 Objective - Improvise Functional Application

19hours ago

Some quick scrapper ship concepts. This is meant to look really pirate-y and cobbled together.

Oct 15 2017

🔧 Ship Repair Log (Grapple Hook) 2445.203.0800 Day 3 Objective - Increase Operational Efficiency

Oct 15 2017

You could say we take eye protection very seriously. #ShipOutofLuck #gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday

Oct 14 2017

SHIP REPAIR LOG (GRAPPLE HOOK) 2445.202.0500 DAY 2 OBJECTIVE - RAISE OUTPUT #indiedev #gamedev

Oct 14 2017


Oct 13 2017

SHIP REPAIR LOG (GRAPPLE HOOK) 2445.200.0800 #indiedev #gamedev #shipoutofluck #bugreport

Oct 12 2017

Space road rage is definitely a thing. Those damn freighters, always hogging up the starlanes! Why I oughta... 🚦😤🚀…

Oct 11 2017

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