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Report content Ultimate Universe 2.0 MiniPatch 3b
Dec 5th, 2009
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Obsolete! Get the Ultimate Universe 2.2 Update Instead

Obsolete! Get the Ultimate Universe 2.2 Update Instead

This fixes issues found after the initial release of UU2.0.

Minipatch 3c Includes: 10/2/2010
1. Updated UUTools. Fixed a problem with the "Remove" button not cleaning up properly.
2. Updated LMTools. Added mostly functional Hardpoint/Joint Tree creation tool (and a custom milkshape exporter for it in the \MilkshapePlugin folder). See "\Readmes\Muldrfs Legacy Mod Tools LMTools.txt" for more details
3. Updated Modinstaller. Added newest ModInstaller utility with bug fixes and new features. See "\Readmes\Muldrfs ModInstaller.txt" for details

Minipatch 3c is multiplayer compatible with Minipatch 3 and 3b.

Minipatch 3b Includes: 5/31/2010
1. Updated Vs Modes Script. Enhancements to the 2on2 Testing modes used for mod work.
2. 6 new or updated 2on2 Testing maps that support each of the 2on2 Special modes.

a. flighttest.sol is as it says a Flight Test or maybe it should be "fight" test. It's the "regular" 2on2 Fight Testing mode. You pick up to 2 ships per side (or stations or other map objects).
b. phasetest.sol is a mode where there are only 2 ships one per side. The Enemy ship is sitting infront of you disabled. For Endurance Testing of ships specs and Weapon strength without the enemy taking off. How quick do you take out a Galaxy that isn't fighting back?
c. meshtest.sol is a 1on1 where BOTH ships get a small photon hit by way of scripting at the beginning. This is for testing the Damage Mesh of a ship/ships to verify if they are staying inside the main hull properly. The enemy is disabled in this mode just like in phasetest mode.
d. meshtesta.sol is the same as meshtest.sol except the enemy is NOT disabled.
e. nodetest.sol is a 1on1 where the Enemy ship's systems are all destroyed. This instantly plays any "System Destruction" effects as well as breaks of the associated "Breaknodes" such as Nacelles if the model is so equipped. This leaves the enemy ship's hull exposed similar to phasetest but with the lack of shields.
f. dnodetest.sol is almost the same as nodetest, the only difference is the addition of having the Damage Mesh active like meshtest. This is for making sure your breaknodes fall away and that the underlying damage mesh looks as expected.

Minipatch 3b is multiplayer compatible with the original Minipatch 3.

Minipatch 3 Includes: 5/4/2010
1. Updated Dominion Alliance Odfs for various ships.
2. Updated UUTools Utility. Fixed numerous potential crashes if the player hadn't selected their Legacy Install Path. Made it a bit more apparent if you haven't selected your Legacy Folder that you need to. Fixed some issues and improved on the tools ability to "Find" your Legacy folder automatically.

Minipatch 3 is NOT Multiplayer Compatible with previous Releases.

Minipatch 2d Includes: 4/29/2010

1. Legacy Mod Tools "lmtools.exe" updated. Enhancment to the Mission Editing.

Minipatch 2d is fully multiplayer compatible with Minipatch 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 2b and 2c.

Minipatch 2c Includes: 4/17/2010

1. Corrected mission name length limit for Instant Random Battle Vs Script that was causing the 2 "borgearth" maps to crash on startup in Instant Random Battle Mode.

2. Updated UUTools v3.5.1.1 Instant Random Battle now lists the "Map Display Name" instead of the filename for all the maps. They are not sorted alphabetically at this point, so they are actually displayed in the same order as they were when they were just the filenames. Also made some other small visual changes, slightly altered image on the main screen, item alignments and some alterations to the Vs Armada screen.

Minipatch 2c is fully multiplayer compatible with Minipatch 1, 1a, 2, 2a and 2b.

Minipatch 2b Includes:

1. Corrected map for Isoa Outpost Survival Mission.

Minipatch 2b is fully multiplayer compatible with Minipatch 1, 1a, 2 and 2a.

Minipatch 2a Includes:

1. Corrected Mission Script for the "Exploring History" mission "Evolution Earth" under the Exploration Menu. This fixes an issue with the 1701E Phase of the mission getting stuck with Extra ships when going to 1701F Phase causing numerous issues.

Minipatch 2a is fully multiplayer compatible with Minipatch 1, 1a, and 2.

Minipatch 2 Includes:

1. Updated UUTools utility by Muldrf.
a. improved the ability of the tools to automatically find your UU install.
b. Added "Camera" Setting to the Settings section along the Right side of the tool. This setting alters the viewpoint of your onscreen ship. The Default is "Off Set" which is UU 2.0 style. The other option is "Center" which is closer to Center of the screen more like UU1.5. The view angles of all ships are optimized for the "Off Set" view so the Center view might have some ships that don't look quite right. This is a replacement for the "View Angle Patch" that Chris posted.
2. Fixed the first of the UU Interviews that are under the Extras menu for UU2.0. It played the first time, but after that it wouldn't "restart" if you canceled it, which happens at times because it can take a few seconds to start.

Minipatch 2 is fully multiplayer compatible with Minipatch 1 and 1a.

Minipatch 1a Includes:

1. Updated ModInstaller utility by Muldrf.
2. Main and Upgrade System Readme updated.

Minipatch 1a is fully multiplayer compatible with Minipatch 1.

Minipatch 1 Includes:

1. Borg Alliance TNG crash fix.
2. Klingon Neghvar and Advanced Neghvar weapons fixed.
3. Federation Prometheus registry fixed
4. One of the TNG Mirandas was showing up in TMP Era.
5. Section 31 Strider was showing up in TOS Era now TMP Only.
6. DC Fontana TOS Constitution Class moved from Uber Race to Multi Era.
7. Vulcan XRT 55d AI Fixed (it now moves when AI controls it).
8. A Mission update from Chris Jones.
9. No longer displays "Beta" in mainmenu.
10. Asteroid Field Deathmatch map now properly scripted.
11. Survival Mode maps fixed as well as one of the System Conquest maps. Was due to a minor script defect.
12. Valiant and Argentina Connie Variant/Refits are renamed to reflect their "Connie Heritage".
13. Various other ships display names have been altered to give a more uniform look to them.
14. Main Menu: Load button was missing for the Campaign
15. Ubber Race Enhanced. Now includes more ships in Ent Tos and Tmp Eras. Would have crashed in Skirmish, and was unable to select ships in those eras in Instant Random Battle usually. Remember Ubber Race is INTENDED to be Unbalanced.
16. Shield coloration adjusted for various ships in Ubber Race and Multiera to better reflect their Heritage.
17. Some map adjustments and various other little things.

Minipatch created by ChrisJonesGaming staff for UU2.0

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Ultimate Universe 2.0 MiniPatch 3b
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