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Anywhere [OLD] Character Modeler at BORG Cyber-Games

character modeler borg cyber-games anywhere artists we need character modelers to create player useable content for the game star wars: a galactic civil war. experience is essential. applicants must also have an enthusiasm for this star wars project, and a strong desire to create film accurate content for the rebel alliance and galactic empire.

Anywhere [OLD] Team Member at BORG Cyber-Games

team member borg cyber-games anywhere artists i am working on a project that will recreate the future war shown in the 1984 film, terminator. it has only a working title for now, terminator: armageddon. the story takes the player on a journey, as a refugee hiding in the ruins, then becoming a soldier in the techcom resistance, all the way to 2029 where the final blow against skynet is struck and when kyle reese chases the t800 across time to save sarah connor and her unborn son. the game is broken down into many parts which will create an in depth story of survival. i intend to use the source engine for this project. i will need a team: modelers texture artists programmers level designers voice actors audio artists

Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist at BORG Cyber-Games

texture artist borg cyber-games anywhere artists i'm looking for texture artist(s) who can uv in 3ds or maya and create new, high quality, textures for upcoming and current models in a star wars: empire at war mod. there are many, ready made, models waiting to be skinned, and even more being created. the goal is to replace nearly every asset with a higher quality one, and to create a multitude of unique, new, assets for every map in the game.

Nov 10, 2011
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