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Anywhere, Online. [OLD] Complete Team needed for Faceless. at Blacklight Studios

complete team needed for faceless. blacklight studios anywhere, online. programmers ignore the 'looking for: programmers' bit. this ad is up to look for a complete development team of experienced people. we are looking for: 2 experienced source mappers, 1 experienced general programmer/specialising in ai programming, 1 experienced texture artist, 1 organic/character modeller. the two experienced mappers will be required to create a few maps each that suit the setting of the mod, they must be able to create paths for the slenderman npc and nodes for it to teleport. the general programmer/ai programmer must be able to fully program or modify an existing ai code to allow the slenderman to function fully. they must also be able to create the gamemodes with the support of the rest of the team. the texture artist must be able to texture maps for custom models skillfully, as well as replacing existing textures such as floors, walls, ceilings, etc. the organic/character modeller will be required to create organic objects, as well as 4 player models + another 4 for dlc. an optional task is to fine-tune/improve the existing being (slenderman) model alongside its original modeller. the team will all work together, advise one another and constantly keep each other updated when necessary. all positions must be highly experienced and willing to commit to the modification to ensure it is of a high/professional quality and so that we can get it completed. i understand anybody would like to apply, but we really need people who understand, feel comfortable and know what they're doing, and doing it well. if anybody else is experienced in their field and it is not listed above, if you feel it would be beneficial to the mod then please email us anyway! it can't hurt to ask. if you are not aware of the faceless source modifcation, please check out its trailers here: faceless was and currently still is number 1 (as of the 13th of july 2013) on greenlight, has been greenlit and will be published as a standalone mod for steam for free.

Anywhere [OLD] Shader Artist at Blacklight Studios

shader artist blacklight studios anywhere artists an experienced shader artist for faceless is needed to manage existing shaders and create new ones for the source engine. please apply within including previous examples you have done! a variety of shaders are needed for the entirety of the game and these will be discussed after an application is made to ensure a full understanding into what is required. all the best, ~adam

Anywhere [OLD] AI Programmer for Faceless at Blacklight Studios

ai programmer for faceless blacklight studios anywhere programmers required skills: -microsoft visual studio 2010 (c++) -familiarity with programming for the source sdk (2007) -efficient and responsive work ethic -familiarity with ai and gameplay mechanic construction recommended/appealing skills: -experience playing and working with survival horror games -experience playing and working with multiplayer (especially cooperative) games game information: company information:

Aug 11, 2010
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