Modding studio, working especially on Source Engine (2007), developing maps for games like Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, mods for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and more! Wanna join group of modding enthusiasts?

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Anywhere [OLD] Coder (Source Engine) at Black Phoenix Mod Studio

coder (source engine) black phoenix mod studio anywhere programmers hello, we're currently seeking a source coder / programmer who is capable of doing some basic stuff like adding a new guns, modifying game mechanics, customizing hud etc. aswell as couple more advanced features like loadout menu. the game is set in the hl universe, but it takes place in different part of the world, it have it's own original storyline, including new characters, new weapons and much more. you can currently check the moddb page for teaser trailer and couple of fresh screenshots you can also download the game presentation for developers, which might be more suitable for you our team currently consists of 1 level designer, 2 model artists, 1 animator, 5 voice actors, 2 music composers aswell as 1 sound artists. so, the only person we're really missing is in fact programmer.

Anywhere [OLD] Voice Actor at Black Phoenix Mod Studio

voice actor black phoenix mod studio anywhere artists our team is currently looking for voice actors, some good male voices are required. we prefer strong and solid voices, +17 years old required, and ability to record your sound in good quality. we guaratee nice atmosphere in the development team. our mod is running on source 2007 engine so far (we may move to alien swarm branch), you can find details about it here:

May 3, 2012
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