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Anywhere [OLD] Gloria Victis - Top 5 incoming Indie looking for 3D Graphics / Animatours at Black Eye Games

gloria victis - top 5 incoming indie looking for 3d graphics / animatours black eye games anywhere artists the independent development studio black eye games creating high quality computer games is looking for people to work together to create computer game : gloria victis for a positions: 3d graphic animator requirements for 3d graphic: low poly modelling skills, ability to create normal maps, ability to create textures, ability to create uv maps, sculpting skills. requirements for animator: ability to create rigs, ability to make skeletal animations and skinning, good knowledge of blender/3d max studio or other software which gives possibility to export into fbx format. we offer: reward after funding has been received, based on a continuously updated schedule of work; possibility in gaining practical, unique knowledge and also experience in creating computer games; flexible working environment depending on individual needs; interesting and full of challenges collaborating in a young, dynamic team. highly appreciated portfolio

May 17, 2012
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