Binary Arch's goal is simple. World Domination. Or, once the beer has worn off, to make a bunch of great games and tools. Currently developing Quantum within Unity3D using the ARPG framework(Will add page for that in due time.)

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Anywhere [OLD] Lead 3D Artist at Binary Arch

lead 3d artist binary arch anywhere artists we are seeking a very skilled and *highly* motivated 3d artist to fill the ranks. your job, in a nutshell, will be to bring to life my very ambitious ideas and plans. i am a very experienced coder since the era of commodore 64, and the game/rpg framework are coming along swimmingly. so if you are dedicated, passionate about making games, and have some talent to back it up, please contact us soon! the game is called quantum, it is an action role playing game that at all times is never dumbed down to target certain market. our simple, humble goal? to make the best video game man has ever played. we need you to realize that goal.

Anywhere [OLD] Lead 3D Artist - Business Partner at Binary Arch

lead 3d artist - business partner binary arch anywhere artists hi, please check out quantum on this site for images of the game we(two people atm) are working on. the game is currently using placeholder art, but it's quite good, especially the level. but we need you to come in and bring the game to life. show us your magic. show us why you're an artist really. what did i mean by business partner? simply that. i'm looking for a *expert*(crucial that bit) artist to partner up. i am a expert coder of nearly two decades now. i started on the c64, and i am very much a pro at unity. we will be using unity3d - the game is quite advanced engine wise already. and yes, anyone joining will get a slice of the a-rpg module profits too. if we're partners on one thing, we're partners on everything.(at least from my side, it's fine if you wish to have side projects that dont include me.) so, if you quite talented, have good flair and artistic vision, please contact me via - website is down atm, but amon(god like provider of money and website space lol) is sorting that out atm. with you, this game could be something wonderful. only unlike europa, it will be ours.

Anywhere [OLD] Artist (3D/2D) at Binary Arch

artist (3d/2d) binary arch anywhere artists see our engine and companuy info at this site for info on the project, inovator2d - you will also be helping on the showcase game(think our version of unreal tourney for the unreal engine) - you will receive 45% of the profits from both products, so this could be a lucrative chance if the engine does well. if it doesn't, you are free to find work elsewhere to support yourself. but if it does work, it could be good for anyone involved. in effect, i'm looking for business partner who is also a talented artist. i'm not a business-man, i'm just a coder, so someone with a background in what it takes to get things on sale and making money would be hugely beneficial. i can't offer weekly or monthly pay, sorry. not until the engine is on sale but then you'll be getting far more than a weekly wage (if i know.) please only apply if you are experienced in 3d. 2d is a plus, but the game atm is 3d. sorry for any confusion :) and yes, if you know me i do change games alot but as they say on the blitz boards, "arhghsdfsoidfreiojefdwef" :)

Jul 7, 2010
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