A french independant company oriented on the 3D modeling and game creating. We are actually 4 members WE ARE RECRUTING so if you want to join us contact me on Skype : AyXiit34

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Anywhere ( France prefered ) SKYPE NEEDED [OLD] UDK Programmer at Beauty Art 3D

udk programmer beauty art 3d anywhere ( france prefered ) skype needed programmers we search a udk programmer for a free work ( not paid cause we are indies ). you won't need to move from your computer ( all shared by skype and mediafire ). we want to create a free to play fps ( like assault cube ). skills : beginner ( if you have too much skills you will fell like we are slowing you => we want to all have the same level because we all want to progress in the same time ) so... maybe 1 - 2 years of practice

Feb 23, 2013
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