A french independant team oriented on the 3D modeling and game creating. We are actually 4 benevol members WE ARE RECRUTING so if you want to join us contact me on Skype: ayxiit34

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Anywhere [OLD] Unity programmer ( beginner ) at Beauty Art 3D

unity programmer ( beginner ) beauty art 3d anywhere programmers important info first: it's a benevol work, if you're looking for a paid job, look for another studio ;) i am in search of a unity programmer who could help me for the development of the game close quarter battle ( http://www.indiedb.com/games/close-quarter-battle ) i would prefer a programmer with a beginner level because i am myself a beginner( i only know java and python, thus i need to program in c# in unity ), so that we can learn together and no one will snob the other ( and better programmers can go with better teams so they aren't slowed and they can keep moving :) ) you still need to have a good understanding of programmation ( if you are good in java / c / any programming language but fear unity ;) ) as i am alone developping my game, i must do myself all the 3d ( i love 3d but there is very much to do ), texturing, programming, testing, debugging so any programmer, even with a beginner level would be a very great help for me that's why i won't be very selective and all the programmers can apply without fear of being denied :) the development of the game will still be a little long so if you're very impatient you will be deceived ( like every impatient person in the video game development )

Feb 23, 2013
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