Indie game Developer located in the UK. Currently working on Bit Dungeon.

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UK [OLD] Artist/Pixel Artists wanted! at Ark Games

artist/pixel artists wanted! ark games uk artists hello! i am the lead developer and founder of a small game development community, ark games. we need some more artists to help us make awesome, aesthetically stunning games. if you are interested please send us an email following the template on our about page of the website to this address:! please note that we make games for fun and you will not be paid and this is not a full time job. thank you, felix.

Anywhere [OLD] Artist/Sprite Artist at Ark Games

artist/sprite artist ark games anywhere artists we are looking for talented artists/sprite artists to help expand ark games. as most of the team are working on bit dungeon we want to make small sub teams with paired developers/artists to produce games that are published on the website. if you want to apply you should have experience with: working with other people communicating the ability to work in different styles sprite sheets skype is compulsory as our communication is based around skype. you do not need a microphone, we only text chat. (please send your skype name in the email!)

Anywhere [OLD] Game Programmer at Ark Games

game programmer ark games anywhere programmers we are looking for talented developers to help expand the game collection on ark games. as most of the developers are working on bit dungeon, we are looking for developers to make small mini games. all developers will be paired with an artist into sub teams. we are looking for programmers who know: java javascript/htm5 actionscript (preferably stuff that can be embedded into a web page, c++ and c# are excepted too -- but the above is preferred). skype is compulsory as our communication is based around skype. you do not need a microphone, we only text chat.

Anywhere [OLD] Talented Web Developer/Designer wanted! at Ark Games

talented web developer/designer wanted! ark games anywhere web/other hello, we are looking for someone talented who is a good developer and/or designer who can create unique and beautiful websites for our upcoming games; and main website. we hope you have an understanding of: html/css php (forums etc) javascript (fancy interactive stuff) if you wish to apply, please send an email to us at, also please screenshot, send zips or links to websites you've made in the past. skype is a must, this is the foundation of communication for ark games. please include this in the resume!

Apr 20, 2013
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