Antiquity Games is the name of the indie project, headed by Azkanan, that develops the games MyWorld and Project Earth. Antiquity Games is in actuality, not much more than a group title for when the team includes more than Azkanan, where on occasion it may include contractors. Previously Known As Shardice Games, name changed on 01 May 2011.

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Preferably UK [OLD] [Appropriate Language] Skilled 2D Programmer at Antiquity Games

[appropriate language] skilled 2d programmer antiquity games preferably uk programmers i'm looking for a programmer who is preferably based in gmt+0, the closer to me (staffordshire, england) the better in case we decide to meet up as i prefer to know the people i work with, however failing this, i am happy with a highly skilled programmer who will be in contact with me often on this project (actively on skype, at the very least). the programmer should be capable of putting together an engine from scratch that is capable of hosting servers for the player to play on, which can connect to a master server for syncing settings and authorising against hacking/pirating. extra points to a programmer who is familiar with web programming, for website+forum interfacing with the game. lastly, the programmer should be familiar to being able to talk! as silly as this seems, there have been people who i have interviewed before now who have the conversation skills of a horse. furthermore, the programmer will need to be able to program (what i believe may be the most difficult tasks); - npc ai to follow schedules, reproduce and pathfind to "points of interest". - world generation, reading from provided world map images. - behavioural programming sets for animal behaviour. - the ancients is a 2d mmorpg based on earth in 200bce. the earth is split into continents, continents into countries and countries into areas. the world is generated, extrapolated from several hd map files (culture, biome, terrain, etc). - each area is a server and each area can have unlimited amounts of servers. the player can then choose, filter and auto-connect to these areas, allowing the player to effectively customize his world, but also to change it at any time. - the player is able to craft, terraform and build to his heart's content, forming villages and businesses. - the world is effectively empty, human-wise, till the player creates a place that will attract migrants. migrants are the actors (npcs) of the world, who age, gain skills, form relationships and have children. - houses are dynamically designed, alike to the sims, allowing for total customization. - combat is turn based tactical, alike to final fantasy tactics, vandal hearts, etc., which freezes participants in the turn-based combat, whilst others may pass by, watch or offer to help. - the player is able to lock out other people from his locally hosted servers, allowing him to effectively play single player, or just with friends, if he so wishes - or likewise, to allow strangers to wander in and experience his world. - the game will possibly offer permadeath. - this game will be sold and monetised upon, sold as a product and expansions sold to allow access to new parts of the world (bringing with it new cultures, locations, and so forth). these are just a few of the key gaming points, but i can ensure you there is much more. so far i have a game development document and several graphics produced, visible in this thread i have been using; my thanks for your interest. -- azkanan

Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] 2D C Programmer at Antiquity Games

2d c programmer antiquity games anywhere programmers this vacancy is for a programmer capable of writing a video game, the game described at such; - 2d (see screenshots in the ancients project page), - tile-based world, - 8-directional pixel-based movement, - lobby-based multi-player/single-player engine, the game mechanics itself may at times become quite complex, such as; - npc ai (setting dynamic routes by available locations), - creating an economy model (so that all items stay in-game when sold, till broken or exported), - quality-based crafting (better skills/tools = better quality craft), - a dynamic quest system that creates quests when conditions are met - a combat mode that comes into effect where and when the player is, placing a grid that the players combat over, through turn-based tactical style. - a generated world (every time the player starts a new game, the game world is generated; heightmap, terrain, rivers, villages, npcs, etc.) - a minecraft-like system to prevent piracy, via a server-connected login screen to load the game. and a number of other systems ( ). if you think you are capable of the above, then i would be interested in hearing from you. i expect the successful candidate to be able to work over the next few months at a steady rate of progression on the ancients. i would hope that a successful release of the ancients would develop relations to future game development in a mutually beneficial partnership and friendship. - the finished game will be sold either as download or box. - an alpha release of the game for a lesser cost will be available. - all profits are split 50/50 between myself and the successful candidate. regretfully, i am currently unable to pay a working wage, ergo the even split of profits of the end product.

Dec 21, 2009
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