Anarchy Game Studios was Founded in December 2012. Anarchy Game Studios focuses on creating amazing games for the great people.

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Anywhere [OLD] 2D Texture Artist at Anarchy Game Studios

2d texture artist anarchy game studios anywhere artists anarchy game studios is looking for an exceptionally skilled texture artist to work on our projects. the ideal candidate has extensive experience creating textures. qualifications: • experience with adobe photoshop (or similar software) • be able to create textures for 3d models • problem solving and strong communication skills • minimum 1-2 years experience creating textures • be able to bake down the poly count of an object and create normal maps • ability to work independently and achieve results without a lot of supervision strong plusses (but not required): • ability to work flexible hours (i.e., weekends) • experience with autodesk 3ds max

Anywhere [OLD] 2D Concept Artist at Anarchy Game Studios

2d concept artist anarchy game studios anywhere artists this is not a paid position anarchy game studios is seeking an experienced concept artist that has concept experience with creating a diverse visual range of characters, environments, architecture, and related game assets. a solid grasp of form, structure, color, and light for 2d art assets is essential. please note, that this job is non-paid responsibilities: • create the look of the game by working with the art team to establish a consistent visual direction for mood, environments, characters, weapons, etc. • produce work in an efficient and timely manner, on schedule qualifications: • 6 months experience or more creating digital art • good positive attitude and outlook, self-motivated, and a great team-player strong plusses (but not required): • ability to work flexible hours (i.e., weekends) • ability to create sci-fi art • shipped video game titles is a plus

Mar 20, 2013
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