Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Moscow, Akella has become a leading developer, publisher, and distributor of PC console games and multimedia products on the Russian and CIS market. Over these successful years of constant development, Akella has contributed its most important achievements to the building capacity of the Russian and CIS gaming market: Akella was the first to publish an officially localized game (POD, Ubisoft) in Russia. In 2000, Akella finished developing Sea Dogs, and since that time it proved to be one of the worlds leaders in naval game development. Building upon Sea Dogs success, Akella acquired the right to develop the licensed product of the Hollywood bestseller - Pirates of the Caribbean (Worldwide publisher: Bethesda Software). The game supported two platforms, PC and Xbox, and it was a hit around the world.

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Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean

84% - Pirates of the Caribbean

3 years ago Released Jun 29, 2003 Single Player Role Playing

Designed as a thrilling blend of role-playing and action Pirates of the Caribbean takes place in a large group of Caribbean islands during the golden...

Age of Pirates II: City of Abandoned Ships
Age of Pirates II: City of Abandoned Ships

88% - Age of Pirates II: City of Abandoned Ships

3 years ago Released May 27, 2009 Single & Multiplayer Role Playing

Fortune and glory awaits you! Destiny awaits you, but destiny is what you make it... Start your buccaneering career by choosing to go it alone and become...

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales
Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales

79% - Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales

5 years ago Released Sep 13, 2006 Single & Multiplayer Role Playing

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales, known in Russia as Corsairs III (Корсары III), is a computer game developed by Akella. Due to legal issues, it does not...



2 years ago Released Dec 20, 2011 Single Player Third Person Shooter

In Postal III, The Postal Dude emigrates to Paradise's sister town of Catharsis as he previously blew up Paradise with a nuclear bomb.[ Due to the economic...

Disciples III: Renaissance
Disciples III: Renaissance

100% - Disciples III: Renaissance

3 years ago Released Dec 11, 2009 Single & Multiplayer Turn Based Strategy

The Highfather has turned away from the land of Nevendaar and its inhabitants. His mind is occupied with the coming fate of his world. During this time...

PT Boats: South Gambit
PT Boats: South Gambit

60% - PT Boats: South Gambit

1 year ago Released Dec 10, 2010 Single & Multiplayer Combat Sim

“The seas can be dangerous, but when you’re in command of a crack strike boat crew…”. Deadly naval weapon of WWII is back with more campaigns, ore combat...

Mar 21, 2010
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