Hi I'm BenVlodgi.. I'm the leader. We are all working on our latest Portal 2 Mod, Backstock. ....thats about it... if you want to join... send us a message... I'm not promising anything... but hey, why not try... peace out, goodnight and Godbless

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Back-Stock is announcing the preliminary open auditions for several of the characters in the mod!

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Portal 2: Back-Stock is announcing the first of several waves of auditions for the characters within the mod. These auditions are open; anyone may audition up until March 15th. Some prerequisites, though:

  • Mic quality must be higher level [usually a condenser mic provides good quality], no headset or desktop mics that make a ton of self-noise
  • Acting is a must. Reading the lines cold is great and all, but that's no way to gauge a person's ability. Prepare the lines beforehand before you audition.
  • All other noise [such as room noise, mic self-noise, background talking/noise] must be little to none. Preferably none. At all. Particularly on background noise.
  • Audition for as many parts as you would like to. There's no constricting number of characters you can audition for.
  • If possible, send a resume of prior experience so we can see prior experience.

On this round of auditions, we have four characters, three male and one female. Their audition scripts can be found on this Google Doc:

When your demo reel has been recorded send a Private Message to AICreations. As Gaben says: "Have fun!"

-Ian "Dr. Doozer" Wiese


I might consider doing this.

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