We here at A+game Studios are happy to be here. I am Pyromancingking. A+game Studios owner. We will be making Half-life 2 modifications. For now anyways. We will do our best to make the best mods we can. Please support us. The support you give us the more moral you give us. Thank you all.

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Anywhere [OLD] Zombie Concept Artists at A+game Studios

zombie concept artists a+game studios anywhere artists this is a free position, meaning you will not get paid unless the mod earns money somehow. we are asking for concept artists for our first mod "dark events." it will be a both a single and multiplayer full conversion mod for half-life 2. we are looking for concept artists for our zombies. these are not regular zombies. these are mutated infected that will be one of the enemies in our mod. there are multiple types of them. the gameplay around them will focus on avoiding them rather than engaging them for there high amounts of health. we need artists to help bring them to a reality.

May 18, 2012
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