3Eagles are a brand new indie team of talented game developers . We are currently working on our very first project .

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Anywhere [OLD] Unity 3D programmer at 3Eagles

unity 3d programmer 3eagles anywhere programmers 3eagles are looking for a c# unity 3d programmer (assistant programmer). we are working on a hack and slash game. you will have to be familiar with coding with c# mainly at unity 3d , and work with the lead programmer . role is not paid , though we are going for a crowdfunding at a later development stage , and we intend to share profits.

Anywhere [OLD] 3D environment modeller at 3Eagles

3d environment modeller 3eagles anywhere artists hello . we are a team named 3eagles , and we work on an action rpg. please notice that we are searching only high quality work and especially high quality people . we are looking for a professional 3d modeller who specializes in props and building modelling .one should have enough time to work continously and reach basic deadlines. 3d modelling will be done only from concept art that is done by our 2 talented concept artists (one for characters , and one for environments.) the roles in the company are not paid , however , we are planning on a crowdfunding to license all of the team members softwares , and higher strechgoals to earn some money for the work that was done . later on , in the marketing stage , we will share profits based on the amount of work of each role.

Anywhere [OLD] 3D character modeller at 3Eagles

3d character modeller 3eagles anywhere artists still needed ! 3eagles are looking for an 3d modeller . we are currently working on a hack and slash topdown game (action rpg) . you will need to make the characters/creatures for the game , and have enough time to work continously . the job is not paid , but you will get a precent from the profit . we are also planning on a kickstarter , minimum goal for licensing , and higher strechgoals that you will be paid from.

Oct 4, 2013
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