1C Company (Russian: Фирма "1С") is one of the largest independent Russian software developers and publishers. Its headquarters are in Moscow, Russia. It is best known outside of the former Soviet Union as a video game developer; however, in the internal Russian market 1C is a leader in business software as well. 1C's comprehensive business software suite 1C:Предприятие (1C:Predpriyatiye, 1C:Enterprise) has held an overwhelming market share for over a decade. 1C is also a leader in localizing and publishing Russian-language versions of international software. For instance, more than half of popular Western video games are licensed and published by 1C. The company has 550 employees, 5,300 business partners, 3,300 authorized retailers, 1,200 training centers, 200 authorized certification locations and over 280 stores in 100 cities.

Totaler Krieg Update #7 September 2012
Battle of Empires : 1914-1918

Totaler Krieg Update #7 September 2012

Sep 11, 2012 Totaler Krieg: 1939-45 14 comments

News from the front! September 2012 Update for Totaler Krieg 1939-45 Mod.

Rachel and Bayonna
Men of War

Rachel and Bayonna

May 22, 2012 Men of War 27 comments

2 new models for Men of war, available soon (when I'll finish importing them).

Elven Legacy Collection
Elven Legacy Collection

Elven Legacy Collection

May 24, 2012 Elven Legacy Collection 3 comments

The shadows of destruction begin to loom on the horizon once a human mage uncovers a dark and powerful secret.

New mod incoming
Men of War: Assault Squad

New mod incoming

Mar 13, 2013 Men of War: Assault Squad 12 comments

We, the Men of War retexturing group are planning a new mod for Men of War: Assault Squad. Our first idea for a name is "Fall of Freedom".

Men of War:  Scorched Horizon
Men of War: Condemned Heroes

Men of War: Scorched Horizon

Aug 22, 2012 Men of War: Condemned Heroes 2 comments

The purpose of this mod is to give a new sence to the game, not just russian penal battalion missions. CONTENT: -New Campaigns with new missions, 100...

Mar 21, 2010
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