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Oct 31st, 2013
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Does various changes to the pickups to be a bit more interesting and varied, rather than relying on the more faithful stock powerups, 3 classes to choose from, 2 new weapons, added smart packs (much easier to conserve ammunition), smart spawning (which randomly generates various new content into levels), fuel ammo for chainsaw and revenant launcher which can be gotten from dismantling rockets, more alt fires, more ways to get bonuses from cruelty (which I've renamed to brutality) and various other tweaks. Compatible for ZDoom/GZdoom only. It is designed for Brutal Doom v17 but it may work with newer versions.

| "Infernal Doom" mutator |
Version: 1.17
Author: Zaero

[Important!] Requirements:
-Brutal Doom .17
-ZDoom 2.6.1 or newer:

-IS compatible with my other mods (Classic Weapons Pack for BD, Statusbar Reloaded, Retail-ation mod series)
-Compatible with hires textures, fonts and such.
-MAY work with Skulltag/Zandronum as well (untested)
-NOT compatible with other BD mutators
-NOT designed for Multiplayer (will work, but some features may not act as intended)

This mod pack tries to improve and fix some features of Brutal Doom.
See "Features" below for details.

New stuff:
-3 custom player classes: Trooper (balanced), Commando (Strong, slow), Recon (Fast, weak).
-There are 3 types of armor and health pickups (both regular and bonus).
-There are 4 new powerups (replacing vanilla ones with 50% probablity). They act different but are somehow similar to them. See bottom of page for more info on this.
-2 new weapons added to the weapon stock: Tactical Pistol and Unmaker.
-Unmaker and Revenant Launcher uses the new ammo which is provided even in Doom 1 maps.
-To get the Unmaker you must collect all it's parts. The ritual of assembly is described as you do so.

Innovative stuff:
-"PACK" system: When backpack, medikit, stimpack or large ammo case is picked up, it does not vanish (wasting some of it's contents), but releases five (or 2 in case of stimpack) small pickups. This is a feature to reduce ammo/health wasting in cases, when not all the contents are needed.
-"Smart Spawners" system: seemlessly introduces new content to vanilla maps, without the loss of any already-present stuff.
-The mod is designed to be bandwidth-friendly (small file size) and as much compatible as possible.
-Compatible with my other mods and HUDs.

Tweaked stuff:
-Roaming marine helpers may appear on the level (not replacing anything, place is randomly chosen). They have better weapons as you progress.
-Most things are destructible (dead monsters, decorations etc).
-Much more interaction with decorations (you can turn the lamps on/off, break the wiring of tech pillars etc).
-Bigger and harder decorations must take lots of damage to break.
-Some powerups are boosted (deflective invulnerability, vampiric demon rune, additive invisibility power).
-Cruelty Bonus replaced with Brutality Bonus (new sound, more occasions to get the bonus).
-Keys and locked doors have new sounds (if locked door makes a mechanical sound this means at least one skull key is required).
-All the weapons have altfires, some even more than one (reload button acts as fire selector then).
-Some weapons have new, cool features: chainsaw must be manually turned on and drains fuel, pistol have laser sight, etc.
-SSG, Machinegun, Flamethrower and Revenant Launcher can be obtained even in Doom 1 and it's pwads!
-Fuel from rockets can be drained and used in a fuel consuming weapons (revenant launcher, chainsaw) - use Reload button.

Fixed stuff:
-Burning enemies can set others on fire as well.
-Refire function added to many weapons, since I see no good reason to tap the mouse mindlessly.
-Many BD bugs were fixed (invisible hanging body, rifle zoom out when reload button is pressed, backpack ammo amount etc).

-Copy the pk7 file to the same place where ZDoom-based exe is.
-Use any method to load the pk7, just remember to put it after Brutal Doom.

-Initial Release: BD .17 compatible

Questions & Answers:
Q: Future releases?
A: I have a plans to keep it up to date with the latest BD.

Q: I'm not interested in custom player classes - I just want to kill!
A: Choose the default "Trooper" class.

Q: May I used this mod safely with your other mods?
A: Yes, in fact I recommend it. Not only becouse I'm content with my creations, but also cuz it gets the most out of ID. Example:
It's possible to assemble the unmaker in Doom 1 levels but it's very hard since it requires so many pieces but episodes are so short. You can get it easier with Retail-ation cuz it merges the episodes into single gameplay.

Q: How to read the version number?
A: Version number is A.BD where A is the release number and BD is a number of Brutal Doom build the mod is designed for.

Q: Do I need custom maps to see the new items?
A: No. All the new stuff is introduced in all the vanilla levels, for all Doom games (even Doom 1 maps have new weapons etc) via "Smart Spawners".

Q: Will this file be compatible with other BD's versions?
A: Not backwards compatible for sure. There is a slight chance for forward compatiblity - everything depends what new content will next BD release introduce.

Known issues:
The savegames might get broken when the mod is used in mid-game (so don't do it!). The problem is NOT mod-related so there is nothing I really can do.
Just start the new game and test if the saved states work.

Sergeant_Mark_IV for "Brutal Doom" resources used in this mod:
BlueFireZ88 for Doom Expanded stuff used.
The Skulltag Team for all the SkullTag stuff used.

Copyright/Licence agreement:
Great care was taken during the testing to provide this bug-free, but I provide this file "as is" with no warranty of any kind. You get it for free and use it on your own risk. This means I won't be responsible for any errors and/or damage caused by this software.

You may NOT use any part of this mod for any purpose (other than playing it) without asking for permission first.

By using/editing this file you agree to the above terms.

Custom Powerups:

[Former pickup name -> New pickup name: additional properties]:
Berserk -> Bloodlust: drains health from enemies during attack (for 60 sec), does not switch to fists automatically.
"New" pickup sprite (glowing skull).
Soul Sphere -> Strong Soul: regenerates 5 health per 3 sec (for 60 sec)
Mega Spehere -> Demonic Fury: doubles the attack rate and damage (for 60 sec),
but does not grant armor (it's now offensive powerup, instead of defensive it used to be)
Infrared -> Combat Visor: boosts the movement speed by 50% (for 120 sec)
RadSuit -> Protective Gear: additional 25% protection from other damage types (for 60 sec).
"New" pickup sprite (the one from Classic Weapons Pack is now moved here).
BlurSphere -> Ghost Sphere: enemies run away from player, they attack very little (for 60 sec)
Invulnerability -> Hell Time: freezes time when powerup is active (for 30 sec)

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Infernal Brutal Doom v1.17
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Raptomex Nov 1 2013, 2:36am says:

Does this work with Zandronum and/or GZDoom? I normally keep Zandronum dedicated to Brutal Doom so I have it autoload. Nevertheless, do I use the PK3 file or the PK7?

+3 votes     reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden Nov 1 2013, 4:06am replied:

they must be used together, loading brutal doom v17 first. If you like the hud, its called Statusbar Reloaded.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Guest Nov 1 2013, 3:58pm replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

SwiftyMagee Nov 2 2013, 8:35am replied:

You can use this with Brutal Doom v19 as long as the files are in the correct load order. Make sure that the "brutal19.pk3" file is loaded first, then the "InfernalDoom.pk7" file is loaded second. Having the files loaded in the wrong order will give you an error when trying to play.

For example, in my zdoom ini file, my [Global.Autoload] section looks like this:
Path=F:\Doom wads\Gameplay Wads\Brutal Doom\brutal19.pk3
Path=F:\Doom wads\Gameplay Wads\Infernal Doom\InfernalDoom.pk7
Path=F:\Doom wads\HUDs\Statusbar Reloaded\sbar_reloaded.pk7
Path=F:\Doom wads\Gameplay Wads\Brutal Doom\DoomMetalVol4.wad

I've only played a few minutes, but it seems to work fine with brutal doom v19. The only bug I've noticed so far is that there is a problem with the Assault Rifle's zoom function; when I tried to zoom the weapon would constantly stutter, going in an out of zoom. I haven't played with all the weapons so there may be other problems...this addon was built with brutal doom v17 in mind.

To answer Raptomex's question, Infernal Brutal Doom doesn't seem to work with Zandronum. I've tried placing all the files in the Skins folder but it just gives me an error when trying to play. Infernal Brutal Doom works fine with GZDoom, though.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SwiftyMagee Nov 2 2013, 11:04am replied:

After playing for about an hour, I noticed a few more bugs when playing this with Brutal Doom v19:

- I've already mentioned the Assault Rifle zoom stutter.
- The melee attacks are from a previous version. Both the fists and feet attack seem to be from Brutal Doom v17, meaning you can't really do combos and advanced fist/feet attacks anymore.
- The Chainsaw seems like it doesn't inflict any damage. When you use it, you'll get a ton of blood splatter like always, but it doesn't do any damage. Enemies will continue to attack you while you chainsaw them...I chainsawed an imp for around 5 seconds once while it just clawed me to death.
- After I died and tried to reload, I got the following error message: "Expected a name but got something else". I remember getting something like this a long time ago when trying to run conflicting Brutal Doom wads, so I think this loading error is a direct result of trying to use the wrong version of Brutal Doom

So while you can use this with Brutal Doom v19, it definitely isn't optimized for it! Several things either won't work correctly or at all, and you may not be able to load a game once you die or quit.

The Infernal Brutal Doom addon does add enough awesome for me to try it with a downgraded Brutal Doom, though! Random things will happen like finding ancient artifacts (don't know what they do yet) and having random Marine Troopers teleporting in to help you. And I love it when the announcer says "Brutality!" in that Mortal Kombat-like voice whenever you perform a cruelty bonus. Also, the alt fire for the Plasma Rifle - a zoom that turns it into a Rail Gun - should be the official alt fire for Brutal Doom's Plasma Rifle!

I highly recommend checking this out, but maybe you should use the Brutal Doom v17 that comes with it instead of v19. Hopefully this gets updated soon to use the features of v19 correctly.

+3 votes     reply to comment
SwiftyMagee Nov 2 2013, 11:41am replied:

After reading the ZDoom forum thread about this mod, it seems like the "Expected a name but got something else" loading error happens anytime you pick up a backpack and try to load your game. I tried using Brutal Doom v17 with Infernal Brutal Doom, picked up a backpack, quick saved, and then quick loaded...and I got the error message. Looks like the error isn't due to Brutal Doom v19, but it's a problem of the addon itself. One piece of good news, however, is that as soon as I started using Brutal Doom v17, all the other bugs I mentioned in my last post disappeared. Sucks that a bunch of cool features added to BD after v17 aren't present, though.

So, yeah...this addon is cool but definitely needs to be updated. The last time the mod maker Zaero did anything to this was back in April, so while I hope it gets updated, I think he may have moved on.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Zaero Nov 2 2013, 3:53pm replied:

Nope, I didn't. Life just took the best of me, it's mostly work all over again. I was planning to release the new version as soon as BDv19 is released, now it is, so with the bug list you've posted and some spare time I should finally be able to do it. But first I want to try v19 without Infernal to see what new stuff to add and what obsolete stuff to remove.

+3 votes     reply to comment
SwiftyMagee Nov 3 2013, 1:47pm replied:

Good to know this is going to get updated soon! Like I said in an earlier post, this addon is pretty sweet and adds enough cool things that I definitely want to play it without the bugs and the loading crashes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Nov 4 2013, 6:00am replied:

Hey Zaero, thanks for this great add-on!

I'll just add a few more bugs to what SwiftyMagee listed:

- The Unmaker primary fire kills zombies and imps by forcing a stealth kill on each one, meaning you'll be stuck in the stealthkill animation until every last one is dead at your feet.

- The SSG secondary fire is back to skipping the reload animation after every second shot, and now behaves like an automatic shotty.

- The chainsaw DOES inflict damage, but ONLY if you move it around in a slashing motion. Is this a feature?

- Not a bug, but is it possible that you include the minigun and rocketlauncher sprites from the v19 test releases. Is it also possible to bring back the grey nazis from earlier brutal doom releases as an option? I don't know why SMk.IV returned to the old blue SS sprites, but the difficulty in the secret levels went down by quite a bit.

+3 votes     reply to comment
evitec Nov 1 2013, 10:03am says:

no Zandronum version in the future i guess. I want to play coop with a friend. Is it worth switching doom ports? (zandronum > gzdoom?) can someone link me a tutorial to play gzdoom in coop? I used to play coop over tunngle with Zandronum. my gzdoom version i downloaded does not have a multiplayer in menu.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SwiftyMagee Nov 2 2013, 8:49am replied:

I personally like Zandronum over GZDoom; it's much easier to play custom wads and multiplayer. I wouldn't switch completely over to GZDoom, but it is the only way I know to play this addon.

I've never tried playing multiplayer with GZDoom, but checking networking options over at the ZDoom wiki (, it seems like you have to set up multiplayer through command lines. You can find those here:

It seems a lot easier to use Zandronum for multiplayer. I know from experience getting into a server is as easy as launching Doomseeker (comes with Zandronum) and clicking on a server. If you do want to try to play online with GZDoom, I've heard that the launcher ZDL is easy to use and works well. You can find info and a download link about that here:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Zaero Nov 2 2013, 3:57pm replied:

Currently no Zandronum support is planned, since I don't use the port. Also please keep in mind, that it's designed for SP only. MP may work but no-guarantee.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nutter Nov 3 2013, 12:51pm says:

Aside from the bugs it's a cool idea and adds fun elements

+1 vote     reply to comment
stranger0100 Nov 7 2013, 11:34am replied:

Can anybody help me??? please?

0 votes     reply to comment
SwiftyMagee Nov 8 2013, 11:38pm replied:

Help you with what?

+2 votes     reply to comment
stranger0100 Nov 10 2013, 11:01am replied:

My other comment was deleted. Okay, i have no idea how to use the add-ons for Brutal doom. i have been playing the mod for some time and i would finally use the add-ons.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden Nov 12 2013, 2:39am replied:

hold ctrl and click on all the addons you want to use, then drag them onto gzdoom.exe, make sure that BrutalDoom.pk3 is the last one you click on before dragging them all (because then it will load that one first). This would have taken you 10 seconds to google it yet you've waited more than 3 days.

+2 votes   reply to comment
SwiftyMagee Nov 14 2013, 2:54pm replied:

If you're using Zandronum instead of GZDoom, there should be a folder called "skins" in the Zandronum folder (if there isn't, just create a folder and name it "skins"). Drop all the files you want to use in the "skins" folder, and Zandronum should do all the work for you!

+1 vote     reply to comment
SwiftyMagee Nov 14 2013, 3:08pm replied:

Infernal Brutal Doom doesn't work in Zandronum, though, so either follow TheUnbeholden's steps to get it to work in GZDoom, or you can modify the zdoom ini like I did in my first post. Go to the [Global.Autoload] section in the ini file and type out the path of the files you want to use, remembering that load order is important. I prefer this method as you don't have to drag and drop files everytime you want to play a modified instance of Doom.

You can also add command lines on the Target line of your gzdoom.exe. You can find the command lines you need to use on the ZDoom wiki. This is an alright method as well, though it seems easier to just type out the path of your wads in the zdoom.ini than to remember what command line to use for what type of file.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nutter Nov 17 2013, 8:48pm says:

i hope to see this become optimized for brutal doom v19

+1 vote     reply to comment
Quaker540 Mar 18 2014, 5:56pm says:

I just started downloading it, and see what I can do to make it compatible with V19.

By the way, why does Unbeholden upload everything everywhere? He asked for a permission or it is just me?

+2 votes     reply to comment
killbotvii Jun 23 2014, 3:36am replied:

He's basically uploading anything brutal doom related for the convenience of the people who only check here for addons.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ExplosiveDiahorrea Jul 10 2014, 5:20am says:

Just gave this a quick go and it's really fun. It doesn't seem to update HUD elements though. Any chance of getting an update to fix this? It's hard to play without an ammo count :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
SwiftyMagee Jul 10 2014, 3:50pm replied:

Unless Quaker540 does some updates to this, I think this mod is dead. The mod maker, Zaero, said he was going to do some updates to this last year but that never happened. Case of real life, I guess. I'd love to be proven wrong, as this was a pretty cool addon.

I'd suggest to just move on to another addon, as I've done. Pa1nki113r's compilation or Quaker's sub-mod are great alternatives to Infernal Brutal Doom, and they are actively being worked on, which is always a plus!

+2 votes     reply to comment
ExplosiveDiahorrea Jul 10 2014, 11:45pm replied:

Ah that's a shame. Thanks for the reply. I'll check out those other sub-mods you mentioned. Cheers!

+2 votes     reply to comment
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