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Sep 3rd, 2013
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The Doom RPG is back with a new version, this time you may enjoy it with Brutal Doom's gameplay.

Welcome. A few weeks ago I decided to undertake a project that's been stirring in my head for a while: A (G)ZDoom-based Doom RPG which can be easily played with the vanilla IWADs and PWAD map packs. I first searched around to see if this had already been done, and I found a few bits here and there, but nothing as extensive as I had wanted to implement. So I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands, and after a few weeks worth of work, and replaying Doom 1 and 2 far more than I ever have before, this is what I have for you: my Doom RPG.


  • A Level-up and stat system, allowing you to customize the properties of your character for your own playstyle
  • A currency system, Credits, which are dropped by monsters when killed
  • A Rank system with regular payouts of Credits, higher rank yields a better payout, rank increases as you kill monsters
  • A combo system which will increase your experience and rank gain as you kill more monsters in fast succession
  • A skill system with various skills including healing, buffs, projectiles, summons and general utility skills, more are being added
  • A shop where you can use your credits to buy weapons, ammo and supplies
  • Many inventory items now exist, including tiered health restoration items and re-done and new armor types
  • 2 new HUDs to show new information such as level, rank, EP, combo counters, powerup timers, and more (and the mugshot, of course :P)
  • Items are now randomized and varied
  • Runes which will give you temporary bonuses for a short time
  • Different types of explosive barrels which do varying amounts of specific kinds of damage
  • Various cosmetic improvements (optional)

- add info about drpg_defaults command to readme file, to reset doom rpg options to defaults. often when running the mod for the first time, most doom rpg specific options are locked in 'unknown' status, using this command and restarting g/zdoom fixes the problem.

- ability to use different tiers of skills. upgrading auras makes their EP costs skyrocket. ability to use lower level versions for smaller EP cost would be nice to have.

- maybe an option to convert skill points into stat tokens and vice-versa? to avoid abuse, the conversion could use a rate of 2:1, in both directions.

- summoned monsters tend to get stuck, especially in "2002 a doom odyssey , e3m1"

- summoning a bfg marine is a terrible idea ;)

small bug: player always picks up EP capsules, even if EP is full.

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DoomRPG v0.91
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Roguelike89 Sep 13 2013 says:

I've always wanted to see an RPG mod for Doom, and being able to play it alongside with Brutal Doom is just complete icing on the cake. Utterly awesome, much thanks for this.

One thing though, I'm only able to earn experience by starting combo kills with the glowing monsters. Killing the normal monsters by themselves doesn't seem to that normal, or am I doing something wrong?

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gamesmaster899 Sep 14 2013 says:

not bad

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gamesmaster899 Sep 27 2013 says:

you need to do some more work on it and it need to be bit hardr

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LlewellenDoubleP Sep 29 2013 says:

THE SOUND WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok a bit more mature now. Why won't the sound work on this thing?

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BoneofFear Oct 6 2013 says:

no matter what mode I set the alternate hud to it's still too big.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BoneofFear Oct 10 2013 replied:

Nevermind the options to change the hud's resolution was in the Doom RPG Options menu.Btw the solution to the Only getting exp through combos bug is to just load DoomRPG,Then DoomRPG-Brutal,Then Brutal Doom,Then you should be all set if you don't load DoomRPG-Extras (DoomRPG has Brutal Doom Extentions On by default in the Doom RPG Options menu.)

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Blak-Dragon Dec 5 2013 replied:

So if I was running DoomRPG-Extras, would I still have it load in the order of Doom-RPG,BrutalDoom then Extras ?

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HeatmanMKIII Oct 23 2013 says:

it wont run.
its for zandronum?

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TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden Oct 31 2013 replied:

in order for it to run on Zandronum, a number of features would need to be completely removed (the skill definitions) and the scripts would need to be converted from named to numbered, as Zandronum does not seem to support either one of them.

My advice; bug the Zan's developers to update to a newer ZDoom revision.

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Rcj8993 Nov 12 2013 says:

i tried to play this usingthe GZdoom that came with it, and every time i open it, im told to reset the settings to default and restart the game.
I do that and it does it again and again, im just using the doomRPG.pk3 and DoomRPG-Brutal.Pk3 with Ultimate doom.
I tried the same but with Doom II, and i even tried them again using the DoomRPG-Brightmaps.pk3, still nothing...
when i look closely at the launcher when it starts, there are a TON of things in red, and a few warnings in white.
ive tried to play Regular DoomRPG before (the version for DOOM II that is exactly a clone of the DOOMRPG on mobile phones, and that never worked either)
does this mod even work?
also sound and music do not work.
additionally id like to add, every time i try to use DOOM II and i get that message, one or more monsters glow a random color and its different every time. to me this seems like an error with the DoomRPG.Pk3, as i cant even use it alone with just doom or doom II...

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Blak-Dragon Dec 7 2013 says:

Been testing it out with the Brutal-RPG addon, seems to work ... reasonably okay. Problem is that the skills to summon monsters don't use the brutal-RPG's patch.

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parkerluka Jan 8 2014 says:

I ******* love this keep up the good work can't wait for the next version

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Guest Feb 9 2014 says:

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Guest Feb 10 2014 replied:

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Guest Jul 4 2014 says:

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Guest Dec 2 2014 says:

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