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Jul 25th, 2013
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Adds a quest mod to conquer the Battlespire to Morrowind..

The Battlespire v1.1
not your average house mod
by dongle

Adds a quest mod to conquer the Battlespire to Morrowind


This is version 1.1 of The Battlespire. A complete list of fixes is at the bottom of this
file. Only activate v1.1 in your game, do NOT have both versions active at the same time.
Do not use a savegame made while playing v1.0 to play v1.1.


Any noble sage will have heard the legends of the Battlespire, it's creation, overthrow
by the forces of Oblivion, and it's downfall. Now, a fragment of that legend has returned
to our time, and hovers over the town of Sadrith Mora. A mighty hero is needed to discover
the secrets of The Battlespire.


Recommended Mods:
Battlespire Books

This mod requires you to have the Morrowind game -and- the expansion pack Bloodmoon. I
recommend patching your game to v1.6.182. A version for the original Morrowind, without the
Bloodmoon expansion, is not possible. This is because the original game cannot be patched
without the expansion, and the scripting engines are not compatible.

To install the mod copy the "Data Files" folder in this .zip to your \Morrowind\Data Files\
folder. Windows will ask if it's OK to overwrite any existing files, answer "Yes". If it does
-not- ask that question, try again. You landed in the wrong folder. Start the Morrowind Launcer,
and in the "Data Files" section put a checkmark next to "The Battlespire".

Start your game, visit Sadrith Mora, and have a look around.

A detailed walkthrough is provided in this .zip, if you get stuck. Just read up to the point
your have gotten to, to see what to do next. Don't read past that point if you want to figure
out the rest for yourself.


Most of the new content added are new meshes and textures made by me, or heavily modified ones
from the original game. Only a few original models were used, and none from any other modder.
None of the new models have ever been publicly released before. All the world building and
quest-making is by me also.

Special thanks go to:
Nigedo for scripting advice.
Xanathar for lore advice, and providing images from the original Battlespire game.
Miltiades for suggesting I make a floating citadel, ages ago.
Caladan_Brood for suggesting I make an anime ship.
Szazmyrr for making a blank splash screen available.
GhanBuriGhan for his wonderful scripting manual, which I consult near constantly.

Several folks helped with beta testing; Arctios Quintus, Darksword, ECamren, Jester814, Korana,
Link, Nigedo, Telesphoros, Tha_Kick_Butt_Monk, & Xanathar. I'd like to thank them for their
excellent and timely feedback, even if I ignored 90% of it. ;~)


You may redistribute this mod, including adding it to your fan site, provided -no- membership
fees are involved to access it. Please keep the original .zip file intact with this readme.

Please do -not- modify, in whole or in part, and redistribute in any way. This includes --
using the models, textures, or assets in other mods -- retexturing anything -- editing the
.esp mod file to "improve" it, or porting for another game. Please do not do -any- of this.
If you redistribute the mod do so only as the original un-modified .zip. Thanks!


Steve Deffeyes (aka dongle) January 11, 2005


v1.1 changelog

- Added a DGL_Atronach-Robe_Part.1st body part so the game no longer crashes when you wear it.
- Made it so Divayth Fyr no longer talks about Battlespire before journal entry #3.
- The flood during the Cave of Water fight is now controlled by a script attached to an object
in the Battlespire cell, and not a global script. This is so the script will not run outside
this cell, potentially affecting water in other cells.
- The cave doors with scripts on them now set global variables after starting the fight sequence,
not local DoOnce vars. This is so if the doors double due to the user editing the mod the new
doubled doors will not fire off new instances of the scripts.
- The Merchant Atronachs now check their own Z position to see if they have fallen into the pits.
If they have, they get warped back to their start positions.
- All the ship captains have added X and Y checks to go with the previous Z checks. This is to
prevent them falling off the ships and getting lost.

A big thank you to everyone on the official Elder Scrolls forums for all the feedback!


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Battlespire v1.1
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EricBoyceU Nov 13 2013 says:

Sounds like a lot of work went into this mod with new models and scripts, etc. I have always enjoyed your models, would you be releasing anything as a modelers resource? Or releasing any other ship models in the future? I always loved the ships in Sea Dogs and Assassian's Black Flag!

+1 vote     reply to comment
dady977 Aug 9 2014 says:

Sounds like an amazing mod! I hope to see it get completed! I really want to play it! Tracking!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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